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If you’re ever diagnosed with gum disease, you might find yourself with a number of important questions. For example, you might want to know exactly how severe gum disease is or what may have caused this issue. Most importantly, you might wonder if there’s anything you can do to prevent gum disease.

In reality, gum disease might eventually lead to several serious issues if it isn’t addressed quickly, though you might be able to reverse or prevent gum disease simply by brushing and flossing your teeth. Similarly, gum disease can lead to bone loss or to tooth loss. Unfortunately, did you know that dental implants can help you reverse some of the problems caused by gum disease? Please don’t misunderstand, an implant won’t bring back lost bone, but it can help you prevent future bone loss.

An implant can also be used to improve the appearance and function of your smile. Improved technology has actually made placing implants more accurate than ever before. Once your implant is placed, you’ll be able to chew and speak more comfortably and be able to make sounds that may have been difficult with missing teeth. In other words, if you lose a tooth to gum disease, a dental implant is an option you should consider.

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