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Anyone who has even heard of the Boy Scouts Knows the phrase “Be Prepared.” The motto of the U.S. Coast Guard is “Semper Paratus”, which means “Always Ready.” And of course, over the years, we have learned the value of being prepared with home emergency kits and first aid kits.

With all that preparation, are you forgetting your teeth? Dental emergencies can happen just like any other emergency. And if a dental emergency strikes, a first aid kit can help you deal with the problem until you can get in to see Dr. Bradley Dyer at Bradley L. Dyer DDS PC in Sevierville, Tennessee.

With that in mind, let’s put together your dental first aid kit. But before we start, remember that no matter how complete your kit may be, it’s no substitute for an office visit when something goes wrong. A temporary solution is just that.

Dental cement, or temporary filling material can be used to hold a crown or filling in place, or cover the exposed area when the crown or filling falls out.You can purchase cotton pellets at many stores. The pellets are used to replace a missing filling on a temporary basis. Dental wax can be used to deal the irritation from a damaged tooth, a stray wire on your braces, or as a temporary replacement for a lost filling.

Sterile gauze is available in drug stores, convenience stores and grocery stores, and is used to stop bleeding from the mouth or gums. Believe it or not, a damp tea bag can also stop oral bleeding, so be sure to include a few of those.

Clove oil, or a topical pain reliever; a cold pack and over-the-counter medication can help keep the pain down.

You will also want to include a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and or toothpicks, a dental mirror, tweezers and examination gloves. A bottle of hydrogen peroxide is inexpensive and can be used to quickly clean a wound or injury.

Again, we want to stress that you should contact our office at 865-453-2731 if a dental emergency strikes. The doctor will want to see you as soon as possible. If you are out of town, Dr. Dyer can help you locate a dentist for treatment.