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If you’ve ever heard the word “crown” used in relation to dentistry, you’ve probably wondered why the dental world needs royalty? Isn’t that stuff only over in Britain. A nation which, coincidentally, doesn’t have a reputation for great dentistry?

Joking aside, crowns are a part of dentistry not everyone is on the same page about. So in an effort to help make sure all of our patients know the procedures we offer, we put together this post on dental crowns.

What are they?
Dental crowns are exactly what they sound like – a crown for your teeth. They’re usually made from some kind of plastic or ceramic material, and they’re used to help restore a tooth to its former usability. An opinion from a dentist – like Dr. Bradley Dyer is the first step to getting crowns.

Why would I need one?
You need a crown when some sort of damage has happened to your teeth – usually the biting surface of a molar – that makes the tooth less effective and stable than it previously was. A crown is used to create a new, sturdy biting surface that’s safe to use for year.

How do they work?
Crowns are sized to fit your teeth, then the affected teeth are prepared to get a crown. Usually, they have to be ground down a bit to fit the new crown. This is called forming an abutment. Then, once everything fits right, the crown is glued onto the abutment. This process is all done in our offices at Bradley L. Dyer DDS PC in Sevierville, Tennessee.

If you’re ready for crowns in your life, or simply want to know more, call us today at 865-453-2731 to see how we can help. We’re excited to help you on your cosmetic dentistry journey.