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Your tongue acts as a harbor that attracts millions of particles of bacteria and acids that could cause damage to the oral health. In addition to filling your mouth with bad breath that can linger for hours, the buildup of acids could cause you additional oral health problems, which is why it’s important to clean your tongue as part of your oral care routine. Using a specific tongue cleaning tool such as a tongue scraper can provide a more effective cleaning, especially if you use the tool correctly to more efficiently remove the buildup of acid from your mouth.

We encourage you to use the following suggestions to properly clean your tongue with a tongue scraper:

– Use water to thoroughly rinse your tongue scraper before and after each use so that it is clear of any bacteria from the tongue that could build up on the scraper when it doesn’t receive a proper cleaning.

– Scraping your tongue doesn’t need to be done in any specific order, since the best way to make this an effective practice is to clean your tongue on a daily basis, starting with the back and scraping toward the front.

– Make sure you clean each area of the tongue, including the sides, top and bottom.

– Use care when cleaning your tongue with a tongue scraper tool, or else any aggressive scraping could harm your soft tissues and result in a tongue injury.

– After you have finished cleaning your tongue, rinse your mouth with water so that any dislodged particles from the tongue are flushed away.

We would be happy to provide additional tongue cleaning tips if needed to help you enjoy effective oral health. We invite you to contact Bradley L. Dyer DDS PC at 865-453-2731 today to an appointment with our dentist about your oral hygiene in Sevierville, Tennessee.