Avoid the Things That Can Harm the Smile

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You deserve a top-notch smile. This is why your dentist, Dr. Bradley Dyer, strongly encourages keeping up with oral hygiene and attending your checkups regularly. These things are very important because there are many substances and activities that threaten and harm the smile often. It’s best to avoid these things as much as possible. Those things are:

-Having poor oral hygiene: If you don’t brush (twice a day), floss (once a day), rinse (once a day), and attend your checkups (every six months), then your smile can be vulnerable to many dental issues, like cavities and periodontal disease. It’s very important to have good oral hygiene.

-Chewing on pens and pencils: If you chew on hard things, like pens and pencils, then you could suffer small tooth cracks. You might not see them at first, but when you keep chewing, the crack can get larger, which can result in a completely cracked tooth.

-Consuming foods and drinks that harm the smile: Sugary and acidic products can harm your teeth because the acid wears down the enamel and sugar promotes cavities. It’s best to stick to tooth-healthy foods and drinks.

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